“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.” Matthew 35:35-36

At Harrison Square, we believe that the Church is called beyond its walls to embody the transformative hope of the gospel to all people. We believe that the best way to live out this high call in a place like Lewis County comes through our common mission of “Feeding people. Body. Mind. Spirit.”

We encourage everyone to join one of our missional communities.  If you are interested in any of the communities below, please reach out to the contact lead for that group.


The abundance pantry

This ministry provides free fresh produce and groceries to anyone in need.  We encourage people to come and take an extra bag to share with others. It is our desire to offer tangible hope by feeding the body in a practical ways.

Carol Marlow  cmarlow650@gmail.com
Jeanette Brooks-Milano  milano@localaccess.com

Jeanette Brooks-Milano

Rest Stop Ministry

This ministry offers free coffee & pastries to support weary travelers along the I-5 corridor. We receive donations to support local community needs.

Lorna Shelton   ctsgohawks@gmail.com

The Community Garden

This missional community seeks to provide organic and nourishing food to anyone who would like to join in.  It is our hope that those inside and outside of our church would take part in stewarding a plot of land and reaping the benefits of their labor, both the tangible food that is produced, and also the relationships that are formed through gardening together.

Marty and Becki Stark  mjrestark@hotmail.com

Marty and Becki Stark

Basic Needs

This ministry partners with Love Inc. to provide toiletries and basic necessities to those in our community that are experiencing financial difficulties. Donations and volunteers are always welcome.

Family Nights

Typically on the third Wednesday of each month, this ministry hosts Family Nights for our daycare and church families to come and eat a meal together and to share in some family fun.


Redworm Revival

Redworm Revival is the lifelong dream of our church member, Mike Dobbins. Mike’s dream includes starting up a worm farm to raise and sell worms. The worm farm is housed in our Community Garden and everyone is welcome to join Mike in his dream.



Adult Sunday School Classes

Our Adult Sunday School Classes offer a place to learn and wrestle with theological questions. Different classes are launched every few months, and all are welcome to attend.

Mark McHugh  markemchugh@gmail.com

K-5th Grade Sunday School Classes

This ministry welcomes all K-5th grade children into the journey of learning about faith and how much God loves them.  Each week they read scripture, do an activity and have fun together!

Robin Tuntland  robin710@comcast.net

Robin Tuntland robin710@comcast.net

Pre-K Sunday Childcare

This ministry offers a safe place for all the little ones to come and play, while their parents or caregivers attend the worship service.

Mary Johnson  johnkmls@gmail.com

Mary Johnson johnkmls@gmail.com


Candlewood Ministries

This ministry brings together people with and without disabilities to celebrate friendship, and to belong in community with each other and God. Twice a month, volunteers lead a worship service at the Candlewood Apartments across the street from the Church. Musical talents and new friends are always welcome to join our Candlewood team.

Kathie Mills  KCCLOH@gmail.com

Kathie Mills

The Common Room

This ministry brings together young adults from all different walks of life and seeks to create an atmosphere where all are welcome to come and to discover Jesus. The Common Room is a multi-denominational gathering of college and young adults that meets on Tuesday nights from 7-9 PM.

Jacoby Gronseth  jacobygronseth@live.com

Jacoby Gronseth jacobygronseth@live.com